love to Eat

**Final delivery for 2017**

Fresh & frozen meal menu for delivery

Tuesday 19th December 2017


Spiced corn & chickpea fritters – $4 each / 2 for $7

Tasty, golden fritters made from chickpeas, sweetcorn, spring onion & fresh herbs.

Peperonata with lemon thyme polenta triangles - $12

A tasty, traditional Italian dish of capsicums and onions, stewed until rich and tender, slow cooked with olive oil, garlic, tomato and fresh herbs, then topped with grilled lemon and thyme polenta triangles.  

Moroccan eggplant and lentils with pearl couscous - $12

Full of flavour, this Moroccan inspired, baked casserole is made of eggplant layered with mildly spicy tomatoes and French lentils, served on a bed of pearl couscous.

Aloo ghobi with herb rice - $12

A flavour packed, mildly spicy Indian dish with potato, onion and cauliflower, served on fluffy herb rice.


Sweet stuff  

Zucchini & vanilla cake - $5

A delicious, decadent cake made with fresh zucchini & spices, topped with a fluffy vanilla buttercream icing.

Bliss balls - $2.50 each / 4 for $8 (GF, Sugar free)

Dates, nuts, lemon and dried fruit (made with sweet, plump mixed dried fruit from Niche Fruits and gorgeous almonds from The Almond Block), rolled in coconut.


Frozen items – ** SPECIAL – ALL FROZEN MEALS $10 **


·          Mediterranean veg with couscous & sticky balsamic

·          Provencal stew

·          French lentil stew

·          Asparagus, zucchini & broccoli risoni risotto

·          Mushroom & brown rice risotto

·          Spicy peanut & vegetable stew

·          Spicy eggplant & mushroom stew with rice

·          Spicy chilli beans

·      Vegetable & chickpea tagine

         ·          Smoky vegetable goulash with herb dumplings
Vegetable moussaka