love to Eat

Fresh & frozen meal menu for delivery

Tuesday 24th April 2018


Cajun black bean patty – $4 each / 2 for $7

A delicious, Cajun spiced patty made with black beans, walnuts, sweet potato, red capsicum, onion & fresh herbs, covered in breadcrumbs and pan fried until golden. Makes a great burger!

French lentil stew - $11 (GF)

A satisfying French dish made with puy lentils simmered together with carrots, onions, garlic and rainbow chard in a creamy tomato & turmeric stew.

Cashew, chickpea and pumpkin curry with rice - $12 (GF) 

A creamy, mildly spiced coconut milk curry made with cashews, chickpeas, pumpkin, leek & peas, served on a bed of rice.

Red wine glazed Autumn vegetables with garlic mash - $12 (GF)

A full flavoured, hearty meal made from seasonal root vegetables & onions glazed and simmered with red wine, Dijon mustard & fresh herbs, served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Sweet stuff

Salted chocolate & peanut butter blondie - $4

A decadent peanut butter blondie scattered with Belgian dark chocolate chips and roasted peanuts, drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.

Bliss balls - $2.50 each / 4 for $8 (GF, Sugar free)

Dates, nuts, lemon and dried fruit (made with sweet, plump mixed dried fruit from Niche Fruits and gorgeous almonds from The Almond Block), rolled in coconut.

Frozen meals                      

           * Creamy broccoli & potato soup $10 (GF)

           * Spiced roast veg & chickpeas with couscous $12

           * Spicy eggplant & mushroom stew (GF)

          * Autumn veg paella $12 (GF)

           * Pumpkin tagine with couscous $12

           * Mushroom, leek & barley pilaf $13

(GF = made using gluten free ingredients, however, other products containing gluten are prepared in my kitchen using the same utensils and equipment, and although I am very careful when preparing GF dishes, traces of gluten may still be present. I cannot guarantee that GF items are totally gluten free).